Robert N. Castellano, PhD, is President of THE INFORMATION NETWORK, a leading consulting and market research firm for the semiconductor, LCD, HDD, and solar industries. Dr. Castellano is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in these areas. He has nearly 25 years of expertise as an industry analyst. Dr. Castellano has provided insight on emerging technologies to many business and technical publications, including Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, Los Angeles Times Magazine, the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events. He has over ten years experience in the field of wafer fabrication at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Stanford University before founding The Information Network in 1985. He has been editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Active and Passive Electronic Devices since 1985.   He is author of the book "Technology Trends in VLSI Manufacturing" published by Gordon and Breach. His book "Solar Cell Processing" was published in 2009 by Old City Publishing. He received his Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry from Oxford University (UK).

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